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GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant FRP Composite Panels


GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels (sometimes called fiberglass ballistic panels) manufactured by Glasforms, Inc. are constructed to provide any facility with the latest in military grade protection from armed attackers. Originally developed for use by the Department of Defense for protection from mortar fire, our FRP Composite panels offer superior ballistic resistance at a weight less than 25% that of a comparable steel panel. These same panels are now available for commercial security applications for your business, home, or governmental facility.

GlasArmor™ Panels are constructed from multiple layers of woven fiberglass encapsulated with a proprietary resin system by the pultrusion process that produces a rigid panel with exceptional ballistic resistance. The unique composite matrix of the panels allow for retention of the projectile to avoid potentially hazardous ricochet. These FRP panels offer ballistic resistant security with the additional performance advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, electrical non-conductivity, low thermal conductivity and light weight.

Utilized for both indoor and outdoor applications, panels can be easily incorporated into standard building design to provide undetectable ballistic protection. Panels can be field fabricated utilizing simple installation methods and common carpentry tools. Surface finish is smooth in a white color with custom colors available in production quantities. Panels can be primed and painted or covered by gypsum board or other materials to match specific requirements.

Panels are available with a nominal thickness of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" for protection to UL752 levels 1, 2 & 3 and NIJ Levels I, II & IIIA test standards for ballistic resistance. Additional protection against higher power ammunitions to UL 752 Level 4 for .30 caliber rifles and Level 8 for 7.62mm rifles are achieved by layering multiple GlasArmor™ panels. This also permits offsetting of panel joints and easier handling for installation over the use of thicker, heavier panels where greater protection is required.

GlasArmor™ Panels Specifications

Model Nominal Thickness Nominal Weight Ammunition Type Ballistic
GA256-A5L1 .256" (1/4") 2.7 lbs/sq ft 9 mm UL 752 Level 1
NIJ Level I
GA384-A5L2 .384" (3/8") 4.0 lbs/sq ft .357 Mag UL 752 Level 2
NIJ Level II
GA500-A5L3 .512" (1/2") 5.4 lbs/sq ft .44 Mag UL 752 Level 3

GlasArmor™ panels are constructed from layers of 0-90° woven E-glass fiber reinforcements with a proprietary resin system in several sizes from 36" x 84" to 48" x 120" with other panel lengths available. In addition, Level 2 and Level 3 panels are rated for Listing by Underwriters Laboratory for Ballistic Resistance to UL752, authorizing Glasforms’ use of UL’s Mark. GlasArmor™ panels are fire rated for 1-hour per ASTM E-119-09c Fire Tests of Building Construction & Materials, modified to a smaller scale gypsum board wall assembly. Panels also meet a Flame Spread Rating of 45 and a Smoke Developed Rating of 165 per ASTM E-84-08a, "Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials" achieving a NFPA & IBC Class B Fire rating. Class A panels are also available in production quantities.


  Check Cashing
  Pawn Shops
  Loan Offices
  Judges Chambers
  Police Stations
  Detention Facilities
  Bonded Warehousing
  Security Buildings
  Shielding of equipment
  Safe Rooms
  Storm Shelters
  Door Systems
The Atlanta Police Academy chose a GlasArmor™ perimeter wall for their Academy firing range to prevent injury from misfired weapons and ricochet on both their sidearm and rifle ranges.


UL 752 Level 1-3, NIJ Level I - IIIA


Resin Injection Pultrusion


36" & 48" widths in lengths below


White (custom colors available)


1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" per below


0 - 90° Woven E-Glass Fiber


Fire rated for 1 hour per ASTM E-119-09c modified to a smaller scale. Flame Spread Rating of 45 and a Smoke Developed Rating of 165 per ASTM E-84-08a. NFPA & IBC Class B Fire rating.

Ballistic Rating


Panel Size

Nominal Weight (lbs)


MODEL # GA256-A5L1


UL 752 - LEVEL 1

.256" (1/4") 36" x 84" 57
- 9mm full metal copper jacket with lead core   36" x 96" 65
- 124 grain   36" x 108" 73
- 8.0 (g)   36" x 120" 81
- 1,175 fps velocity   48" x 96" 85
    48" x 108" 97
    48" x 120" 108

MODEL # GA384-A5L2


UL 752 - LEVEL 2

.384" (3/8") 36" x 84" 84
- .357 Magnum jacketed lead soft point   36" x 96" 96
- 158 grain   36" x 108" 108
- 10.2 (g)   36" x 120" 120
- 1,250 fps velocity   48" x 96" 128
    48" x 108" 144
    48" x 120" 160

MODEL # GA500-A5L3


UL 752 - LEVEL 3

.512" (1/2") 36" x 96" 130
- .44 Magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked   36" x 108" 146
- 240 grain   36" x 120" 165
- 15.6 (g)   48" x 96" 173
- 1,350 fps velocity   48" x 108" 194
    48" x 120" 216


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