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About Glasforms

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Industry Leadership Through Innovation and Quality

Glasforms designs, formulates and produces carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced composites utilizing continuous molding processes. Established in 1978, Glasforms’ expertise, innovation, quality and competitiveness have led to industry leadership in unidirectionally reinforced pultrusions, complex custom profile shapes and continuous filament winding composite lamined panels. We constantly diversify and expand our capabilities to meet an extensive assortment of composite applications. Glasforms’ quality systems are registered by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the ISO 9001 Standard. This world wide recognition of our quality and consistency is unprecedented in our industry as we are the first pultruder with such a broad product range to achieve ISO registration.

Custom Design of Composite Products

Our technical, engineering and quality personnel assure material qualification and product quality to exacting design specifications. State-of-the-art commercial machinery and proprietary custom design equipment are employed to achieve efficient processing of consistent quality composite products. Instrumental to our impressive growth is our commitment to research and development supported by our comprehensive analytical lab capabilities. Glasforms develops and formulates proprietary resin systems for improved performance, efficient production and optimum compatibility of resin formulations with fiber architecture and a multitude of reinforcements.

Successful Solutions to Demanding Requirements

Advancement in process and composite materials technology is our ongoing goal. Our superior and inventive products, combined with 30 years responsive, quality oriented customer service enables us to supply the electrical, telecommunications, corrosion, transportation, medical, infrastructure, energy generation, marine, aerospace, defense, consumer and sporting goods industries with standard and custom components. Glasforms’ multi-process technology, applied to customer needs, results in successful solutions for demanding requirements. We invite you to find out how our innovative composite components can contribute to the success of your finished products.


UL Registered Firm